Slow Decorating (Why It Works for Me)

I can whip up a mood board or design plan for a client pretty quickly, ok maybe not that quick but I’m much quicker helping others than decorating my own house.  I change my mind a lot and sometimes I have a hard time being decisive and I’ll second guess myself.  Maybe I should hire a decorator?

When we first moved into our house I put my office in one of our bedrooms.  Then wouldn’t you know it we went and had Cooper so I moved my office to our loft.  Well the loft is next to Cooper’s bedroom and I didn’t want to risk waking him up while I worked so I decided to move my “office” to our bedroom for the time being.

slow decorating

Slow Decorating In Progress

I know having an office in the bedroom isn’t for everyone and there’s all sorts of rules of why you shouldn’t have your office in your bedroom but I think rules are made for breaking, especially in your home.  Anyways our real office is actually in our basement, it’s where my husband works when he’s not traveling, it’s where our important files are kept and where our printer is.  We have it set up that I can print things from my computer upstairs and it print off downstairs.  (The perks of having a husband in IT!)

slow decorating

My space only requires a desk and small drawer to hold a few odds and ends.  The decision has worked out great because like I said I tend to work when Cooper is asleep and once he wakes up it’s inevitable that I’ll have a few things to finish up before we play outside so it’s become a daily occurrence to come into the room after nap time and have a bar and sauce (cereal bar and apple sauce) and watch an episode of Paw Patrol) while I finish up.

My desk has even been moved twice in our bedroom room and where it is now has worked the best for me so far.  It only took 4 times!

slow decorating

So let me explain the desk area for you so you get an idea that even after I finally decided where my “office should be” it still was a process with lots of decisions to make it a spot I liked working in.  You see I like to work somewhere pretty (unless it’s my garage and I’m painting furniture) and I like as little clutter as possible.

slow decorating

The desk is from Target and is a dark ebony finish.  I changed out the handle and replaced it with one from Hobby Lobby.  It is a polished stone that was originally silver around the edges that I sprayed flat black.  The chair is a flea market find and although I don’t usually spray paint wicker I decided to spray it with the same ebony color spray paint to match the desk and then rubbed off some of the paint to expose some of the stain finish of the chair. The fabric on the chair is from JoAnn’s that was left over from our master bathroom redesign.  (The fabric has been discontinued.)

slow decorating

There is also a small stool that used to be in my daughter’s room.  She didn’t want it anymore since it wasn’t going to match her new room so I took it and recovered it with some remnant fabric from Joann’s.  I love to put it under the desk to prop my feet up, I also use it to set a wicker basket on top of it on Sundays when I go through all the paper work I’ve thrown in there during the week prior.

So on my desk I have a calendar and a notebook.  I still use a paper calendar.  I like to see the day on paper right in front of me.  The notebook I carry all over and write random things throughout the day.  I have my favorite candle (that Cooper always blows out when he comes into the room after his nap) a vase that I bought when I first moved to Indianapolis, (Silver in the City) that I just so happened to dip in gold paint.  I have a light that started out in the dining room than moved to our foyer and now is on my desk that has been spray painted one or two times since buying it.  I usually have a cup of coffee and it’s always in one of my favorite ceramic cups.  I have a photograph (usually of one of the kids) that I change out from time to time that is in a vintage silver frame.  I also like to change out my screen saver and I almost always use one from here.

slow decorating

One of My Favorite Vignettes

So while you are looking at a pretty simple area just remember the process was slow and lots of mistakes were made just to get to this point.  The point is to enjoy the process!

slow decorating

Would you or do you have an office in your bedroom?  Do you break the design rules?  What are your thoughts on slow decorating?  Do you take your time or do you like to get it done quick and be done with it?

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