Whiskey Barrels

Every year we add something new to our backyard.  Last year we added the bocce ball court and this year we added a few whiskey barrels near the court in order for players to put their drinks on while they play.

whiskey barrel

We discovered a great nursery this summer in Indianapolis.  It’s called Paradise Landscape & Nursery.  We got a really good deal on 2 of them and my husband and I joked on our way home that if we got pulled over we’d get a DUI because of the fumes coming off the barrels!  Truth be told they still smell sorta terrific!

whiskey barrels

My favorite time to entertain in our backyard is in the fall so I added some ornamental cabbage and pumpkins to the area.  I also like to put inexpensive throws outside for guest to wrap up in.

whiskey barrels

Aren’t they aged beautifully!  I seriously am in love with them!

whiskey barrels

They are without a doubt one of my favorite things in our back yard!

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Yard Work

backyard decorating

This past Sunday I spent all day working in the yard and quite frankly I loved it.  I didn’t always love yard work but once I decided to not think so much about what to plant or if the plant would survive or where should I plant it and take more of a decorating approach to it, things started happening … Continue reading

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Small Changes Because Kids Change

cooper's tent

My kids rooms probably change more than any other room in our house.  They obviously get older and their wants and needs and likes are always changing. Here are a few changes I made this summer to Cooper and Sloan’s rooms. Sloan loves original artwork and we’ve replaced a few pieces on her gallery wall.  I also replaced her pom … Continue reading

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Five on my Mind

tile coasters

This summer has been all about less projects and more organizing and basically just getting my life to where it’s a little bit easier.  One of the items on the to do list was to get my photos off my phone.  I take lots of photos of pretty things I see or reminders of what I want to do or … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics

console table

I know it’s been a few months of silence but after a whirlwind summer I decided to pop in and say hello.  I have missed blogging tremendously but for the reasons why I originally started blogging.  I did not miss worrying about my page views or advertising or throwing out posts just for the sake of posting.  I just missed … Continue reading

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