My Fancy Rustic Cabinet

More than 3 years ago my sweet husband was back in his hometown visiting family and his sister’s neighborhood was having their yearly neighborhood yard sale.  He brought back a piece of furniture he thought I would like.  (This is a reason to marry a man!)

fancy rustic cabinet

He did good!  I liked the piece a lot but I did not know what to do with it.  Don’t laugh but it sometimes takes me awhile to figure out how to paint my furniture pieces.  I feel like if I wait long enough they will tell me how they want to be painted. (Ok you can laugh!) It took me 3 years to figure out what to do with this particular piece.  Everytime it came time to clean out the garage (yea I know it’s time to clean out the garage) Drew would ask me if he wanted me to donate the piece and I quickly told him no.

This summer I finally completed this piece.  I’ll be honest although I wanted it finished I didn’t want to put a million hours into it so I managed a pretty quick makeover.

The first step was to remove the hardware, remove the drawers and clean up the wood.  I did not want to remove the existing stain because I liked it I just wanted to spuce & clean it up.

fancy rustic cabinet

I love this product, I use it a lot!  I just cleaned the piece really good with warm water and a mild soap and then lightly sanded the piece with sandpaper.  Basically I just wiped the piece once or twice over and then cleaned off the residue.  I took a rag and just wiped on this finish.  The whole process took about 30 minutes and the results were a fancy rustic cabinet!!


fancy rustic cabinet

The result is crazy good don’t you think?  I didn’t want the entire piece to be wood so I painted the drawers with some of my left over paint.  It’s one of my favorite colors, bell tower stone.

fancy rustic cabinet

After I painted 2 coats of paint on the drawers I distressed the edges to show the wood of the piece with a heavy grit sandpaper.  Then I sprayed minwax water based polycrylic clear satin spray over the piece.

Of course the handles were not a standard size and I didn’t like the original hardware so the most expensive part of the makeover was the rope handles from Anthropologie.  This meant I didn’t have to re-drill the holes on the piece.


fancy rustic cabinet

fancy rustic cabinet

fancy rustic cabinet

I also knotted the rope hardware, I like the depth it gives it.  I really love the piece, it’s me, a little fancy a little rustic!

fancy rustic cabinet

Sometimes design takes time and I’m glad I waited until I really knew what I wanted to do with this piece and I love knowing it was a piece bought by my husband who knew I would love it!

You can see more of my furniture pieces here!

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