I Think I May Have Found My Hobby

August 31, 2009

Drew, my husband has lots of hobbies and is never lost for something to do. He recently went to a convention for one of his hobbies and truth be told I was a bit upset about the time this particular hobby took up. His reply, you need a hobby for yourself Laurie.

I went to the craft store yesterday and honestly I did not see anything there that I was interested in doing, nothing I was willing to put the time and money into and get the reward from it like I do with I complete something on my home. Hobbies are expensive and usually requires buying lots of stuff. I’m just not a lots of stuff kind of person. (I’d rather go to someone’s house and organize what they have.) A plan came to mind, why not write about my home!

I am a wife, a mother, I was a paralegal for over 15 years until I quit to go to school to be an interior designer. I planned to take this year off because I was pregnant with twins, unfortunately due to complications my girls did not make it which has left me with no school, no job and not much to do while my family is away besides clean and work on my house. In my mind I thought this was a bad thing but truth be told my home is my hobby.

I have lived in my home for over four years and it has changed quite a bit. When I first moved in only my husband lived here and the house was a bit creepy and was decorated with patio furniture in the living room. Since that time we’ve worked very hard on our place and its still not even close to being done. I’m a big believer that a house should evolve over time and you should let it speak to you when deciding what to do to it.

The biggest compliment I get is that our place is so comfy and it is a home not just a house. I thought I’d take my time off as an opportunity to write about what I have done and make it a point to get some much needed things done to the house during this time off.

I don’t think you have to spend alot of money to get the results you are looking for and I think if you break it down and do small things everyday, before you know it you can put your personal style into your place and before you know it your house will be your home!

I hope you enjoy!

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    1. You have always made your house a home in all of your dwellings…each place was your new project and you transformed them into really cool homes by adding your signature style. Um…hobby?..well no…lifestyle yes..you have a lifestyle!

    1. This is a great blog. I cannot wait to read future postings. I definitely need help in making my house my home.

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