A Look Again at Sloan’s Tween Room

September 29, 2009

This is my 11 year old daughter’s bedroom I did about a year ago. This was a budget makeover, as much of my projects usually are. Her room was originally painted pink and I didn’t really have the time nor did I really want to re-paint all four walls so I decided just to do an accent wall in chocolate brown.

The comforter was one of those inexpensive bed in a bag that was on clearance at Target. I actually did the painting on the wall myself with the left over paint from the room. I spray painted her chandelier hot pink and added some beading. The Audrey Hepburn poster wasn’t even framed, I just tacked it on the wall with some decorative thumb tacks.

I posted her room on HGTV’s Rate My Space awhile back and was so surprised to get such nice comments and since I’ve posted it, its gotten over 100,000 hits and is still one of the most viewed girls rooms on the site, which is proof that a couple hundred bucks can make a room look great!

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    1. Don't you just love spray paint! I absolutely love this room.

    1. You can come over to my house with a couple hundred bucks anytime!!As long as you make a suggestion to Garry that yes you can go overboard on Ansel Adams prints

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