Getting Ready for Christmas?!

November 17, 2009

I know! I know! We haven’t even eaten our Thanksgiving turkey yet but here I am posting about Christmas! To be honest I’m not a big lover of Christmas decorating and I keep it pretty minimal in our house. I put up a tree, decorate the mantel and maybe put a centerpiece on the table. I do however like to decorate the outside of our house.

I went home this weekend to visit with my mother-in-law/best friend (yep you read it right, I’m one of the lucky one’s who has an amazing mother-in-law!) She asked me if I wanted to go to The Artful Gardens with her on Saturday morning for a class they were having on outdoor Christmas decorating. Well count me in! The store’s website is still under construction but the store is located at 611 Indiana Avenue in Crown Point, IN. If you’re ever in the area you have to stop in. The store is actually a small house but they still have alot to chose from.

We paid $5.00 for the class and learned how to design a urn for the front door, window boxes, a wreath for the front door, and a centerpiece for the table. The instructor was hilarious and his eye for design was incredible. He was one of those types who can throw things together in 5 seconds and it looked like something Martha Stewart put together herself, ok maybe I should compare him to Eddie Ross instead since I’m talking about a man!

After the demonstration we were able to shop around on the back patio and what do you know they had everything we needed to complete all the projects we just saw! Imagine that! You should of seen those women buying that store up, cha ching!!

This photo below is the back of the house where they have various lawn art for sale. I have always loved those bottle sculptures!

When you were done shopping they brought you into the house to pay and what do you know, there were about a million cute things in the store to buy! A few of the rooms were already decorated for Christmas but the others had great gift ideas for any occasion.

I’m glad I went to the demonstration, although my pocket book took a punch, but its the first time in years that I’m looking forward to decorating for Christmas!

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    1. Altum's in Zionsville offers some cool decorating class too. I have yet to take any, but it's on my list.

    1. If you need someone to go with you give me a call! You know me I'm always willing to shop for a friend!

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