Why Does This Look So Wrong?

December 30, 2009

I wonder if there are any other people out there that are like me when it comes to December 26th? Actually the feeling starts creeping up on me immediately after all the Christmas gifts are open.

The feeling is being done!! Done with Christmas, the gifts, the tree and all the decorations. If I had it my way I’d probably pack things up on Christmas night.

I’m pretty organized to begin with but this year I noticed when I was putting things out for Christmas there were things in the boxes I haven’t used in years. I had no idea I had 5 fake wreaths and hello they were all terribly ugly! I can’t even remember the last time I used a fake wreath!

So here is the plan for this year, I’m doing a clean sweep! I’m getting honest with myself and using the same rule I use in my closet, if I didn’t use it this year then I’m either pitching it or donating it. Honestly who am I kidding I am never going to use the tissue paper wreath that is flat as a pancake or the broken ornaments that sit in the bottom of the storage container!

I’m off to organize today but come back tomorrow because I’ll be showing off my first e-design board!

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