My Big Girl House

January 20, 2010

Today is an exciting day for me because I finally get to say out loud that on March 15th I’ll be moving into my big girl house!

What’s a big girl house?  Well… in my mind its the house you hope to move into when you become a full-fledged grown up and honestly I’ve been thinking about this since I was 18 years old!

Everyone on shelter blogs  (including myself) always say they don’t want to get too personal and apologize if they write about their family or their personal moments but really when you think about it what is more personal then your home and what makes a house a home is the personal moments inside the home.

I am 39 years old and I have lived in 15 different places since I was 19 years old, so to say I have moved a bit is putting it mildly.

My first apartment was in West Lafayette when I went away to college, I lived there with my best friend.  The decor consisted of road signs on the wall and kitchen stuff swiped from the restaurant my roommate and I worked at.

My first apartment by myself was a small 500 sq ft apartment in my hometown.  The decor was anything I could get on final clearance at Fieldcrest Cannon (A summer job) and any cast offs family members or friends gave me.

(My very small kitchen with homemade curtains and check out that cow border!)

My first house was with my first husband, it was a 2 bedroom, 800 sq ft house that cost a measly $43,000.00!  It was my first time fixing up a house and 2 years later we sold it for $70,000.00!  It was then I was sold on fixing up houses and my obsession began!

My second house was a larger brick bungalow that held alot of great memories.

Of course the best memory made in the house was my baby girl, Sloan!  Honestly, this is how she’d wake up every morning, smiling and playing!

Once again no room was left undone and again when we decided to take the big leap and move to California we made a great little profit on this house too!

Unfortunately, California is what I like to call my dark period.

This photo was probably one of the few good memories I have living in California.  We were living in corporate housing and we had a very nice Christmas and were excited to be starting our new life out there.

After corporate housing we moved into an apartment because we were having  a hard time finding a house we liked. (Wrapping our minds around the price of a home actually!)

This is Sloan’s first day of preschool.  It should’ve been a happy day but it wasn’t my husband decided he no longer wanted to be married and to say I was a bit devastated is putting it mildly.  Luckily,  Sloan’s memory of California is her big girl bed and carving pumpkins.  Again, my theory that a house can bring good memories.

Shortly after I moved back home.

We moved in with my mother-in-law (best friend) and my sister-in-law (or who I call just  my sister).  Crazy I know but luckily I got them in the divorce!  I lived in a spare bedroom and was thrilled when my mother-in-law came home with some cardboard dressers so I could unpack my suitcases!  It was the saddest time in my life but I look back and only remember the great memories we made while we were there and am eternally grateful for their kindness!

Once I got on my feet  Sloan and I moved into a lovely townhouse.  I loved that place and it was the first time it was just Sloan and me!

This is Sloan’s last day of preschool.  We made lots of great memories in our townhouse.  About a year after I  moved in I was given a promotion at work and was offered a job in Indianapolis.  I jumped at the chance to move away from my hometown and start a new adventure with my number 1 girl!

We moved into a pricey apartment right  smack in the middle of downtown Indianapolis that was on the canal.  We spent the summer walking the canal, dining outside in the city and going to Pacer and Indian games.  This is a photo of Sloan’s first day of kindergarten.  Again, many great memories and without a doubt the best decision I ever made. (Moving to Indianapolis)

Once I knew the move was right for us I decided to actually build a house.  It was a very exciting time and I was very proud of myself to accomplish this goal.

(Sloan and I would go to the site weekly to check out what had been done.)

This is our house!  Still one of the things I am most proud of!  I thought I’d live in the house forever but what do you know I went and fell in love!  A few years later Sloan and I moved in with my hubby Drew!

(Sloan sitting at our Valentine’s Day table for Drew)

We’ve lived in the house for over 4 years and its the longest we’ve ever lived anywhere.  It’s true when they say God has a plan.  Drew, Sloan and I are partners in crime and have made so many memories.  This house has gone through the most in terms of remodeling, you name it, its been done, plumbing, electrical, gutting kitchen and baths, central air and heating, on and on and on.  At the end of all our work we decided that there was nothing left to do and it was time to put it on the market to sell.  Our plan was to buy a house that we picked out together and that we plan on living until Sloan is done with high school.  My big girl house!  A house that doesn’t need a total overhaul, a house that basically needs to be decorated.

Well we found it and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s been a long and sometimes hard journey but in the end I know I’m exactly where I need to be and am thankful for some of the bumps in the road.  I have an awesome husband, a beautiful daughter and a beautiful new home to make great new memories in!

I hope you keep reading and seeing how I make our new house into our home!

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    1. Wow – I never realized Sloan was that little when you started building your house in Indy – I remember when you were building it. I love that house. You should be proud of yourself – you’ve come a long way baby! Congrats on the new house.

    1. I love your new big girl house!! Congratulations on becoming a grown up! It was fun hearing about all your houses again! Love the picture of “Little” Sloan…you guys deserve the best house ever!!

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