Preparing Your House To Sell

February 2, 2010

I know everyone is probably thinking, you’re selling your house in today’s market, really? The answer is yep, we actually are selling our house and it’s true what they say it really is a buyer’s market which means when you put your house up for sale you have to do a little extra to set your house apart from the rest.

Now that the holidays are over the market seems to be picking up and we’ve been getting quite a few showings and we thought yesterday would be a great day for an open house. (a.k.a no football day, besides the Pro Bowl but seriously lame!)

We’ve been keeping the house clean and even before the open house we finished all unfinished projects, even the little things like changing burned out light bulbs but we wanted to step things up for the open house.

First, we cleaned like no one’s business. I’m pretty OCD on the cleaning already but I’m talking getting the q-tip out to clean even the smallest areas like the backsplash behind the faucet. You want your house to be clean and you want it to smell nice. I really think this is the most important thing you can do in prepping your house.

(Making sure the house smells good!)

Then we uncluttered, and again most people don’t think I have alot of stuff out and about but I do and I packed away 2 boxes of knick knacks and items off our countertops and dressers. You want enough stuff out so it looks like a home but not too much to take away from the things that are important like the marble countertops or your gleaming hardwood floors!

Set your tables like you’re getting ready for a dinner party. Do people really live that way? Heck no but your selling the fact that you could have a fabulous party! And seriously people are brutal when they look at your house, have you ever watched those home shows about selling your house? People complain about everything regardless of the fact that if you were to go inside their house they probably have 10 loads of laundry on their pool table and haven’t washed dishes in a week! Don’t give people a reason to point out what is wrong!

Buy some new towels for the bathroom. It’s an easy way for a quick and inexpensive update.

(Did I mention clean looking?)

Don’t forget the small details and remember people snoop, in fact that’s what they are there for and they are going to be opening your cabinets.

(Don’t forget the frig!)

Another tip although I used flowers throughout the house I also used fresh fruit.

(They last longer and you can eat ’em after the open house!)

We spent alot of time preparing but it was worth it we had a really good turn out and a few people have already scheduled 2nd showings! Just remember the more time you put into your house the more money you get out of it, your house is one of your biggest investments and the return can be great!!

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    1. I love watching Design to Sell on HGTV. Good Luck – the house looks great!

    1. Whoever is lucky enough to buy your house is getting an awesome property. I hope the open house was a success!!

    1. Your blog is so fun to read. Those baby/toddler pics of Sloan make me want to hug her and kiss those cheeks!!!

    1. It looks so beautiful! You’ll have it sold in no time! I’m a bit nervous about having you over to my house…Mine looks NOTHING like this-HELP!
      See you on Friday at 10 a.m.

    1. You are always welcome at out house…you’ll have to share a room with TAZ though….

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