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February 4, 2010

If you unfamiliar with typography the definition is as follows: The art and techniques of arranging type, type design and modifying type gliphs. The arrangements of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading tracking and kerning. (Or what I like to call letters, numbers arranged in different sizes, shapes and patterns to create a cool design!)

I went to the Indianapolis Home show yesterday and walked through the centerpiece home built by Davis Building Group, which is a 2650 sq. ft. fully constructed, decorated and landscaped home right inside the building!

(Luckily the line moved quickly!)

Oh and excuse the crummy photos it goes without saying I took them on my iphone. Just my luck, I took one photo on my camera and my camera informed me the battery was dead!

The inside of the house was designed by Cheryl Seltenright of The Inside Job, located in Noblesville, IN. The vision statement of the house was in with the old and in with the new, focusing on reclaiming roots and blending past and present.

Back to the typography though, she used it throughout the house but my favorite place was tucked away in a bookshelf.

The house really looked beautiful and I plan on doing a few more post in the coming weeks on some of the other cool designs she used throughout the house.

Here are some more examples of typography used in interior design.

(Alpha table by Crate and Barrel)

(photo from Desire to Inspire, who happens to showcased a home showing typography yesterday, so check it out!)

(Mike Perry and Anna Wolf Studio from Design Sponge)

(photo from Elle Deco)

So what do you think love typography or hate it?

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    1. The Show House used to be for sale and after the event was over they would dissasemble the whole house and rebuild it for the purchaser on their own lot. They could even purchase the landscaping and rooms, etc. I wonder if they still do tha??

    1. Of course love it – they have all my colors – and poppies!

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