Miles Redd

February 23, 2010

“Buy the best and you’ll only cry once.” – Miles Redd

(Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles)

1. Atlanta native, NYC based designer.


2. His designs are bold, dramatic, layered and original.

(House Beautiful)

3. Studied art at Parsons and studied film at NYU.

(Redd’s portfolio)

4. Worked with Bunny Williams who taught him the business of design.

(Redd’s portfolio)

5. #1 inspiration??? Fashion.

(Redd’s front door, even that’s beautiful!)

Hope your week is inspired!

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    1. Miles Reed is one of my favorite designers! I absolutely LOVE the original Franz Kline painting that is featured in the first room! If I ever suddenly came into a bunch of money thats the first thing I would buy!

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