Oak Furniture???

March 12, 2010

When I think of oak furniture this is what I think of…

I even picture a quilt like that on the oak furniture. No offense to anyone I’m just not a fan.

So I was surprised to hear that Restoration Hardware is all about the oak furniture. It’s not the old oak we’ve seen in the past it’s weathered oak.

This is the dining room trestle table.

This oak chair is finished with belgian linen.

This Versailles Chair is covered in belgian linen and also burlap which is also very popular at the moment. Of course I laugh because although I like the whole burlap look, it makes me think of my husband making fun of burlap pillows! (Ohhhh sooo comfy Laurie!)

I’ll be honest, although I think the furniture from Restoration Hardware is beautiful I’m not totally on the weathered oak bandwagon yet, possibly it’s something that I have to get use to. I have been known to dislike and then fall in love over time.

So you tell me do you like it?

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    1. how’d you get a picture of my parents’ bedroom šŸ˜‰

      I love the dining room table.

    1. In general oak is a really nice wood, it’s real furniture you know what I mean? But the color has to be right and it has to fit with the other pieces you have.

      I happen to be house hunting right now and see many homes with wood like the top picture. All I can think is, paint that stuff, stain it, do something else!

    1. Not loving it either, but I, like you, sometimes come to change my mind. We’ll see on this one…

    1. The dresser looks exactly like Jim’s dresser (and mirror that is tucked away for no one to see)…seriously! He always tells me how beautiful oak is…I’m not sure if he is being serious or if he just knows that it gets under my skin!

    1. True…but now that we have painted our fireplace and shelf, I have talked him into painting our kitchen cabinets and stair banister…hopefully, those projects will be started soon! No hope for our dresser though…it would still be ugly with paint!

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