Bedroom Lighting Plan

March 19, 2010

I’ve been doing working on Sloan’s bedroom in stages. You can check out my previous post about bedding and paint colors if you like. Today I am working on the lighting for her room.

I believe lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room. It can create a mood and it’s one of the least expensive ways to make a room look more attractive.

In school I had to take 2 different lighting courses and I still don’t think I’ve come close to mastering lighting; however, I still manage to find the latest LED marine lighting with Apollo Lighting. I believe you could probably take enough classes to get a masters degree in lighting!! I also know some designers that specialize in lighting when they finish school. I will not be one of those people.

In Sloan’s room there will be a variety of lighting used:

Ambient Lighting-Non-specific illumination, overall general room lighting. (The ceiling light.)

(Wire dome pendant, Shades of Light)

Task Lighting-Augments ambient light for a work area or an activity. (Desk lamp, over the mirror)

(Shades of Light)

Accent-Localized and directional lighting used to highlight an object or an area for decorative effect. (Highlighting artwork or collections)

Most important, dimmers! I love dimmers and have them in all my rooms. It allows you to adjust the light level in the room. When you turn the dimmer down the light radiates a warm light giving the room a cozy feeling. Another plus to a dimmer is it extends the life of your lightbulb.

Some types of light fixtures I’ll be using are:

A chandelier to replace the builder’s grade pendant on the ceiling.

Track lighting in the walk in closet to extend the lighting to illuminate the entire space rather then lighting just the middle part of the closet with the builder’s grade pendant currently being used.

A lamp beside and slightly behind a chair that Sloan plans on using as her reading chair.

(Arc Floor Lamp-Shades of Light)

Sconces with frosted bulbs to be near the mirror she’ll use to get ready in the morning.

2 lamps to go on her desk to completely illuminate the desk and not cast any shadows.

2 lamps for each side of the bed so she can read in bed.

Accent lighting to highlight her pez and snowglobe collection.

So in a 15×14 room I’m planning on using 8 different lighting fixtures!

Then there is picking out the type of bulbs you’re going to be using, incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, LED, I told you lighting is much more then picking out a 60 watt incandescent bulb from the Hardware Store!

I’m going to try and use compact fluorescent bulbs as much as possible because they are better for the environment and last 10 times longer then an incandescent bulb and you’d be surprised that these bulbs have come a long way from looking like office lighting.

The best advice I can give is to experiment with your lighting to see what you like the best.

This is just a first draft, sort of a brainstorming into the lighting for Sloan’s room, there will be more posts to follow.

On an unrelated note, here is a before and sorta close to finished after photo of the side table I’ve been working on. I don’t have the drawers or the pulls in place yet because my New Year’s Resolution is to not rush things and the new me (: is going to wait a few days so I know everything is completely dry!

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