Ok I Admit It I’m Sick.

April 6, 2010

I don’t get sick often and if I do it’s usually put on the back burner because you know if your child is sick (she wasn’t) or your husband is sick, which he was, it’s wayyyyy worse! But I haven’t felt good in over a week, I thought it was allergies but turns out it was an upper respiratory infection.

Today is the best I have felt but I sorta feel like I have a hang over if that makes sense, just foggy and cloudy and blech!

In the meantime here is a photo from my bathroom files. I love the look of mirror over a mirror! (Sorry I don’t have a source for the photo.) I’d like to do this in my bathroom in the new house.

Love it or hate it?

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    1. I was sick with the same thing also. Finally feeling better today…hope you are too.

      Love the mirror thing…I did similar in my old house, but I just hung up an empty decorative frame over the existing mirror to make it look like another mirror. Although the relative weightlessness made it easier to hang and remove(velcro) I admit a real mirror looks more substantial. I also like the sconces embedded in the mirror as well!

    1. I’m sorry you haven’t been well! Take it easy-nothing is more important than your health!

    1. I remembered that in your bathroom Liz and I loved it! Glad you are feeling better! Let’s get together soon! We miss Garry too!

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