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April 9, 2010

Recently I helped some great friends, Liz and Garry, hang up some prints in their living room. Garry is a big Ansel Adams fan and has collected a “somewhat” large collection of prints.

They have been trying to come up with ideas for hanging prints up their stairway and I hope they like what I have come up with. I know the drawing is pretty sloppy but I think you can get the idea I’m going for. I’m thinking beadboard with ledges with some prints leaning against the ledge.

My only advice is Garry, no more Ansel Adams, pleasssseeeeee hang your own photography! (Garry’s photography is fantastic!) I think Liz would agree with me!

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    1. WOW…Laurie…I love this idea! We are sooo doing this!!

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