Using Modern Art in a Traditional Way

April 13, 2010

I was reading Traditional Home this weekend when I came across beautiful traditional rooms with modern art and it was like an Oprah’s ah ha moment!!

(Traditional Home-Andy Warhol)

(Traditional Home-Designer Martha Reeves)

Last semester I took a contemporary art class and so far its been my favorite class and Roy Lichtenstein was one of my favorite artist.

(Traditional Home-Roy Lichtenstein)




I’m finding I have traditional taste in my design approach but I don’t want my house to look old, boring or stuffy, perhaps adding some modern art will make my house look cool and hip!?

“In America the biggest is the best.” – Roy Lichtenstein

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    1. “Using Modern Art in a Traditional Way – Laurie Jones Home”
      was in fact a very wonderful article, . Continue creating and I’ll continue to keep following! Many thanks ,Gerard

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