Great Weekend (Almost)

April 27, 2010

We had a really great weekend, the kind where you really want a do over. We didn’t do anything crazy or particularly fun but it was nice and D (the hubby) totally brought his A game, bringing home dinners and taking me out to breakfast and even going to the Salvation Army for a little shopping. He gets major points for this because I don’t think he’s ever walked into a thrift store before.

We scored a new chair while we were there for only $45.00 and I’m so glad I got it because if I would’ve walked away from it I would’ve kicked myself. Even better it was priced at $70.00. We thought we wouldn’t get it because a couple who spotted it first asked the manager what was the best price he could give them and lucky for us they said it quite snotty so the manager said he couldn’t budge on the price. When they walked away he looked over at us and said I could give it to you for $45.00 just because I don’t like mean people! Score us for being nice! (I’ll post a photo tomorrow when we pick up the chair!)

The only non-fun thing was going to Sloan’s track meet on Sunday. These meets last about 4 hours and unfortunately it rained the entire 4 hours. I guess they don’t cancel track meets if it rains only if there is thunder and lightning. Sooooooo… what do you know I just got a call from the secretary at Sloan’s school letting me know Sloan’s not feeling well so I’m off to pick her up. Not too happy with CYO sports right now for not calling off this track meet, especially since Sloan has isteps (standardized test for the State of Indiana) you know the same test that we get emails from the school begging us not to have our kids be absent from school.

Here’s hoping Sloan only needs to take a little nap this afternoon and some snuggle time with mom!

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    1. The bringing home dinner and going out to breakfast would have made it for me too 🙂 I went to a vintage/antique market and came home with a cow bell – ha!

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