Goodbye Pink & Brown Room

May 27, 2010

Yes it’s true, Sloan’s pink and room is no more, like Sloan said to me, it’s like it never existed mom!

We’ve been busy at the old house this last weekend preparing for another open house. Selling this house has been a pain in the butt and that’s putting it mildly. I’m not even joking one person’s comments were that the house was too nice!? I’m assuming they were looking for a fixer upper but hello why not just say that.

Our house is far from perfect and the negative comments we’ve gotten are not a surprise to me because they were the same negative comments I had when I moved into the house.

The first problem is that we do not have a backyard, our house is the first house as you turn into the cul de sac and the layout is that we have a large side yard that we have fenced in with a wooden privacy fence and I think potential buyers think the yard might be our neighbors and not ours.

The second problem is that when we bought the house we turned a portion of the upstairs loft space into the master bedroom. We did this because it was a large space and was isolated from the rest of the house and it gave us a little bit of privacy. The problem is there is no bathroom up there. I never really minded it but I could see why it would be a problem.

Our solution was to turn Sloan’s bedroom which is the original master bedroom on the main floor back into a traditional master bedroom, which happens to be right next to the bathroom. Now on our main floor there are 3 bedrooms and when you go upstairs to the loft, one room is the television room and our old room has been turned into a workout/yoga room.

I’m hoping now that there is no bedroom up there people won’t think it’s too much of a problem that there is no bathroom up there.

This bedroom has gone through some changes throughout the years that’s for sure!

This first photo is what Sloan calls the “baby room,” she was in 2nd grade when we moved into this house, so hello…it’s supposed to be a baby room!

The next time we re-did the room it ended up on
Hgtv Rate My Space and to date has more then 98,000 hits!

Here’s what it looked like empty and before we started painted and after we patched up all the holes! (For the record, 11 year old girls have too much stuff!)

Before I show you the room, let me just say it was done on a budget (duh) and there were some constrictions. I did all my shopping at Marshalls, Home Depot and Target and everything cost me less then $340.00. When planning this room I had to buy something I could use in the new house so that’s why I went with a mostly white color scheme, I figure I can dye the fabrics when I use them again. I also picked white because it matched our furniture and the blinds in the room. The room is a bit plain not but it looks clean and I don’t think it would offend anyone’s design taste, it’s not really a room I would normally design for myself but I think it does the job for our open house.

The color on the wall is Behr Valley Mist.

Update: The open house went really good and we have a few people coming back for a second showing, so hopefully with the all time low interest rates and a master bedroom with a bathroom nearby the house will have a sold sign on it soon!

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    1. Sloan’s old room doesn’t look like a baby room…it looks like a room for a princess!

      and the bedroom makeover looks good.

    1. Design to Sell baby! Love love love the master. very serene.

    1. It kind of made me sad to see the pink gone! But, the new room looks awesome. (Duh, of course it does!)

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