Summer Vacation Is Over (Part 1)

August 17, 2010

We are back from a 10 day vacation and I’m totally sad it’s over. We had a great time and I’m totally bummed that the school year is getting ready to start again. I never got the moms who were excited to send their kids back to school, I’m the opposite, I like Sloan home, hanging out with me! Plus once school starts, mom’s taxi cab service goes into overtime!

For the first half of our vacation we went to Cincinnati, Ohio. Of course it didn’t go smoothly, when we got to the hotel we quickly learned that Travelocity messed up our reservations and instead of booking one room, they booked 21 rooms in my name. Luckily my credit card wasn’t charged but we did lose the reservation and ended up paying $90.00 more for the weekend. Not cool but luckily that was the only glitch.

We went to Ikea and bought some things to finish up Sloan’s room. (Reveal coming soon!) We also went to the
Ballard’s outlet store.

To convince Sloan to go shopping with me there had to be some bargaining of course so we spent one day from sun up to sun down at Kings Island, riding all the rides and going to the water park for half the day until our fingers pruned up and our bathing suits permanently wedged into our bottoms from the slides!

The big deal of the trip was this though…

Yep 3 holes, as a mom you gotta pick your battles right?

I have lots of catching up to do about the progress of our house so keep coming back!

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