Changes Coming to House to Your Home!

August 20, 2010

With Sloan going back to school next week and our move behind us I’ve got some big changes coming to H2urHome! I’ll be using the blog to write more about what’s actually going on with my Big Girl House then overall design of lots of other random things.

I notice alot of blogs chronicle their first homes and I love them but this isn’t my first home and probably won’t be my last but it is what I refer to as my Big Girl House, meaning it’s the house I always thought I would have when I officially became a grown up! (The verdict is not back about me actually being a grown up!) This will be a bit different then someone’s first home because even though I’m always looking for a great bargain (that will never stop) I also like to splurge on items that are going to stand the test of time!

I’ll still be taking clients and also adding a furniture finishing service to people who are interested! I can also still answer your design questions, but I just ask that you be patient with me because my work load is really picking up!

I hope you all will keep coming back and follow me as I reveal all the good, bad and ugly of my big girl house remodel!!!

I want to thank everyone for coming to my site and for the nice comments and emails I get from you, please keep them coming! I’ll be honest with you I’ll finish up with design school May of 2012 and have learned so much but blogging and talking to other people who are actually out there in the design world has taught so much more!! So thank you!!!

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