Labor Weekend

We managed to have some fun this long weekend but of course we managed to check some to-do’s off the list too! One project that is done is removing the bar from our bedroom! Yes, I said it there was a bar in our bedroom! We really aren’t sure why there was but I wanted it out!

This photo is the original home owners, I know the photo stinks but I lost all my before photos of the house when my computer crashed a few months ago! Go figure. But hopefully you can make out the bar and yes the fake fireplace!

Drew and I decided a vanity would look nice in the empty spot. I’m a lazy butt and I like to sit down when I get ready and I’m thinking Drew wanted to get my makeup bag out of our bed!

This is the base to hold up the table.

This is the top of the vanity. We measured the space and had the hardware store cut the board for us at the store, then prayed we measured right!

Next, I grabbed the mirror from the powder room I replaced and picked out a few accessories for the wall. We primed and painted the wood too.

Next, I made a no sew curtain and attached it to a tension rod hid under the table!

Makeup table complete!! Now the hunt begins for a bench!

I hope you all had fun this weekend!!

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  1. I’ve had a “sit down” vanity and there’s nothing like it. Only problem is when you go visiting you have to stand up and it’s torcher. Yours looks very cozy and beautiful. I’m sure you’ll find your bench. Have you tried Good Will? I love that place.

  2. I love this…’course I love skirted anything. 🙂 First time visiting over here, found you thru The Shabby Chic Cottage. Looking forward to looking ’round a bit. Oh, and I grew up in Noblesville with family still in Fishers. I’m in Fort Wayne now….love to find other Hoosier decor-savvy bloggers.

  3. Stopping by via The Trendy Treehouse & the “New Friend Friday” link party.

    This is a REALLY good idea. I’m definitely going to keep this in mind because I’m wanting a sewing nook once my husband & I get into our steady home in VA (he’s military & we’re on our way to a new duty station).

    Thanks for posting this :o)

  4. Whoa, you have been working hard! This looks wonderful. I love the little curtain on the bottom!
    If you have a free moment, I have a new weekly (I hope!) Linky on my blog called Not “Baaad” Sundays with LambAround. I’d love for you to post this 🙂

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