More Foyers to Drool Over

How do I come up with my designs? I look at lots of photos, books, magazines, blogs and television. Here are some beautiful foyers that definitely inspired me!

I love the trim and the paint color, the pattern on the floor and of course the dog!!

How great is that chandelier?

Love the pattern of the mirror and that unexpected pop of turquoise!  For some reason I think turquoise always makes a room less stuffy, more fun!

That wallpaper, that chandelier, there’s nothing not to love!

You had me had purple!

Mr. Adler, do you design anything that’s not fun?  (Any idea where I got the inspiration for my mirror?)

Love when formal and informal is combined in a space, the fun color of the door, the traditional rug, this space is fantastic!

Miles Redd can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned, I think no one can make a statement like he does!

Another fav, Nate Berkus and it’s obvious this is one of his designs, its cool and understated.

(All photos are from Domino)

All these foyers make me curious to what the rest of these homes must look like which obviously means they were done right!

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