Another Design Rule to Follow: Never Take Yourself Too Seriously!

October 25, 2010

This project is a prime example of not taking yourself too seriously and I’m really happy with how it turned out!

I have a great  husband who could not be more supportive of my business.  Recently, he went up north to visit family and his sister’s neighborhood was having a block sale so he did a little shopping for me!  (I told you he was sweet!)

He came home with a jeep full of items to be finished and over the next few weeks (or months)  I’ll be posting before and afters.  The first transformation was a pair of side tables.  They were a great price and very nicely built.  Here is the before of one of them. (Notice the second one behind it primed and ready to be painted!)


I probably could’ve just painted them black again but what fun would that be right?  So here are the after shots!




I just used some left over Benjamin Moore paint from our basement remodel and some white Porter trim paint.  But wait there’s more, when you open up the drawer there’s a little pop of color!



I mean who doesn’t like a little pop of blue?  It’s Valspar’s new sea glass blue spray paint from Lowes!



This project was really easy to do and I’m really happy how it turned out.  We’ll be saving these pieces for our booth at Midland Antiques we plan on opening the beginning of next year!

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    1. I stopped over to see your green door, but found this charming little table instead. I love the little surprise you get with the blue drawer!

    1. Very cute! I am actually working on a similar project myself on a little bookshelf, except I made a chevron pattern. How did you make the pattern? A stencil, I’m guessing? Did you make it yourself or buy it somewhere?

    1. I copied it off a pattern from an old set of curtains, then made a cardboard template. You could really do this with any sort of pattern you like! Hope this helps!

    1. I made the stencil, I copied the pattern off a set of curtains, then made a cardboard template and just traced, super easy, then I traced the lines in white! Hope this helps!

    1. Now that is one adorable little end table!
      Love the bright blue drawer; furniture that can make you smile is terrific!
      As are supportive husbands. Kudos to yours; mine is helping me wallpaper — now that is love!

    1. So pretty…love the pattern and the pop of color surprise in the drawer!
      And your husband rocks!

    1. Wallpaper huh! He does love you! Wallpapering is the worse, you’re marriage will make it through anything if you can get through that!! (: Thanks for stopping by!

    1. That table is going to go in a hot sec at Midland! I bought an accent table there once but it looked more like your before pic haha – can’t believe you’re going to make people wait til next year…

    1. That turned out great! Great job. Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Tell All. We always love new friends.

    1. That’s just what I needed to hear, its scary starting a new venture and I’m hoping my furniture business works out, I’ve got lots of ideas! You’ll have to make a trip to Midland once I do!! (: Please come back to h2urhome!!

    1. SUPER cute table, LOVE the pattern on top and the pop of blue! Thanks so much for linking it up at gettin’ crafty on hump day! 🙂

    1. Love these little tables! Fun design on top! Thanks for linking them up! I’ll be featuring these tomorrow. If you’d like, grab a feature button!

    1. I love the transformation. The design on top is lovely, and the pop of color in the drawer was such a clever touch.

    1. It looks pretty good when your hubby bought it. What an amazing things can happen with a little tender care and work. I really like the color you finished it in. A truly remarkable job. Sounds like your husband is a keeper.

    1. It’s GREAT! How did you do the design on the top?? I love the colors, perfect choice!

    1. I have a set of these exact side tables in my basement waiting to be redone!! (But mine are the natural wood not painted black) Thanks for the inspiration!
      Suzy @

    1. Great job! I love the surprise when you open the drawer. I never would have thought to do something like that.

      Thanks for linking up to Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Commercial Break!


    1. Love this! Great job and SO fun with the pop of color!
      Found you on Miss Mustard Seed and love what you’ve done.

    1. It is AWESOME! I love the pop of turqouis! Excellent job!
      Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can’t wait to see what you have for next week!

    1. Thanks so much! I traced the pattern off an old set of curtains and made a cardboard template, traced it and outlined the pencil marks in white paint!

    1. I have 2 of these exact tables. You have inspired me to do something other than a coat of paint!

      Thank you!

    1. Very pretty! I love it. I’ve been wanting to do some furniture remodeling, I’ll have to come back and see what else you do! Thanks for linking up to Topsy Turvy Tuesday’s!

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