A Painted Door and a Little Halloween Decorating

October 27, 2010

In case you forgot here’s a photo of our house when we first moved in.


Unfortunately I don’t have a close up but if you look closely you’ll notice an ugly screen door and a badly fake stained door.  Well they had to go!



We took off the screen door and I used some left over green paint and painted over the stained door.  We’re hoping to get a whole new door, stain the porch and paint the entire house so I figured if I didn’t like it, it would still be better then what it looked like before.


I also did a little decorating for Halloween.  I will admit I’m not a big fan of holiday decorating, it all just seems a little too cute for me but when you have a 12 year old you feel obligated to do something and this year it’s not about cute it’s about it being a little scary.


Notice the mice?  Blech!  I hate mice!  Sloan loves them and Lilly our dog loves them even more!



Some bats on some mason jars lit up at night!



I pulled out some orange and black pillows a throw and some flowers and a sparkly skull.  (Drew likes skulls, I like sparkles!)




So that’s about as crazy as I got this year as far as Halloween goes, I didn’t do anything to the inside of the house this year because I’d like to pretend I’m too busy but honestly I’d just rather not!!  Am I the only one who doesn’t get into decorating for the holidays?  Don’t even get me started on Christmas!!

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    1. I am looking for ideas to decorate my porch in general and I love what you’ve done. The Halloween inspiration is a bonus – great job!

    1. The green door? What’s not to like! I don’t like Halloween either so I decorate for fall starting in August and it all stays up till Thanksgiving. I definitely get my use out my stuff. Remember Kim’s baby shower? I had to buy all that decorating so I’m using it. Anyway, on Halloween I’ll sprinkle in a few things that aren’t scary.

    1. I love your halloween decorations. I have that same candle lantern – IKEA?

    1. Thanks Sharon and yes the lantern is from Ikea, it’s great isn’t it, and cheap too! Win Win!! You and I have such great taste! (;

    1. Thanks Maryann, I’m sure you’re house looks beautiful for the fall, because hello your house is absolutely beautiful!! Sloan still talks about the bookcase!!

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