Can You Spot The Difference??

November 2, 2010

One guess, what’s different??



I’m pretty sure you guessed but if not I decided to stencil the curtains I hung in my foyer/entry way.  The more I looked at the final picture the more I thought the space was too white and maybe the curtains looked a little too formal compared to the relaxed vibe I was going for.

It was pretty easy, I simple found a stencil I liked, which happened to be at Hobby Lobby, for go figure 40% off.

I used regular Benjamin Moore eggshell black paint and started painting a pattern.  I didn’t have to be too precise since the curtains were going to be scrunched together when I was done.

Pretty easy and didn’t take too long either.

Ok this one is a bit harder, see if you can spot the difference in these photos.



I moved my black foo dog to another spot and replaced him (yes it’s a him) and put one of my favorite pieces on the sideboard, a vintage owl from my grandma that she had in her house packed away and I don’t think she ever put it out, we found it after she passed away.  This little owl is one of my favorite things I have, I think of my grandma everytime I see it.

I also added a shelf to the foyer too.  I’ve probably had the shelf for 3-4 years and never did anything in it, it was in my “box” of stuff.

Out comes the trusty black spray paint, a little greenery from the yard and voila!

So now I think I can say I’m done with the foyer.  I was hoping to start my office next but I’ve been reminded by my husband we’re having Thanksgiving at our house and well…we don’t have a dining room table.  I guess we could eat on a banquet table but this is what our table looked like last year.


So a banquet table is out of the question.  We looked around yesterday and came up with a nice option from Pier One but after figuring out the cost of that and 6 chairs it was more then I wanted to spend.  Tonight we’re taking a look at this table off Craiglist.


It has a leaf so the table will extend to 85″ and I think I can transform it to make it look less formal and those seats are dying for some cool fabric don’t you think!  It only comes with 4 chairs so we’re thinking of getting a bench of some sort.  I’ll let you know this week if we get it!

I’ve also gotten a ton of questions about materials and products used in my foyer so I’ll also give you a breakdown of that this week too!  Hope you all had a fun Halloween!  We did!!

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    1. you are right with the curtains – what a great idea to use stencils.

    1. Love how your curtains turned out! They sure do make a difference. Thanks for sharing the how tos.

    1. So cute i love this. if you ever would like to be featured or would like to share a recipe or a find (re-do furniture) please come become a follower and email us…Great site and were a new follower as well!!!!

    1. Thanks, I’ll head on over to your site!! Thanks for stopping by!! I’ll be back to yours, I have lots of furniture re-dos!

    1. LOVE that stencil!!!! The curtains look fantastic, thanks so much for linking up to gettin’ crafty on hump day! 🙂

    1. What a great idea. Makes a huge difference. Found you through the strut your stuff link.

    1. The curtains turned out great! Thanks for linking to Fantabulous Friday!

    1. What a neat stencil! I love it! Good luck with your table shopping! A little re-do is always fun!

    1. I think the curtains look beautiful. That’s the 2nd time this week that I’ve seen someone stencil curtains…hmmm, maybe a new trend?

    1. Those curtains are GORGEOUS! I love the effect that stencil has! Eventually I’ll get around to curtains. these are just beautiful~!

    1. I love the differnce that it makes they are beautiful! Thanks for linking up to A Crafty Creative Christmas Link up!

    1. Oh my, that stencil is gorgeous. You did a beautiful job. I wish I had the patience to do that. I get frustrated if I goof up. Sigh… These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I love the curtains before, but they look fabulous after. It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do!

    1. Love the curtains. The black also adds a Water element (feng shui) which is great for the entry, besides toning down the formality just a tad.

      Great job stenciling, too. I always get a bleed, no matter what I do! I’ve always said I’m stencil-challenged, lol.

      Thanks for linking up to Passion for Paint. Hope you’ll join us again soon!

    1. These curtains are gorgeous! Don’t you love Hobby Lobby!? I can never find cool stencils there… Maybe I should go without 4 kids and then I’ll find them!

      I love your blog, your home, and your sense of humor! Good job!

    1. Love the stenciled curtains….and you use regular old paint? Not fabric paint? Great transformation, and thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday! all the best!

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