Thanksgiving Table Inspirations

November 18, 2010

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and I feel a little nervous because surprise surprise I’m not prepared, meaning my table and chairs that we’re supposed to eat on aren’t finished yet!  (Shocker!)

One of my favorite things to do besides cook with my mother-in-law (yep she’s my b/f/f), hang out with my favorite people of all time, drink lots of wine & play games is setting my Thanksgiving table.  Hopefully, I’ll have a table to set!

This is what our table looked like last year.

Honestly, I’m a little bit stumped on what to do so I did a little research and here’s some inspiration for myself and for you if you need it.

(Above images Martha Stewart)

(Above images Better Homes & Garden)

(Above Images Southern Living)

These last three are my favorite, they are designed by Eddie Ross, seriously no one can set a table like he can, I love how he mixes old with new, high priced with bargain priced and unique items you wouldn’t think of using.

Guess it’s time to get busy!

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    1. Good for you for finding all these wonderful table settings. Looks lie you can’t go wrong by incorporating any of these ideas. Have fun!

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