Thanksgiving Table

November 23, 2010

The other day I wrote about coming up with a design for my Thanksgiving table.  Well people, I’m burned out and tired, I don’t even know what my problem is, all I know is I’m having a major decorating brain freeze.  I’m tired of painting, tired of shopping (I know!) and tired of moving so quickly to try and get things done.  I made a decision the other day not to do anything major on the house until next year, it’s time to slow down and enjoy what we’ve accomplished so far and to take my time and enjoy the process with the rest of the house.

Because we have been doing so much remodeling on the house the Thanksgiving table was on a budget and  so I used a piece of remnant Ralph Lauren fabric for the tablecloth for our dining room table. (That’s finished btw, oh yea!)

After I picked what fabric I was going to use I headed over to the Goodwill and picked up some accessories, I don’t even think I paid more then $10.00 for all of what is pictured below.  It took a little elbow grease to clean up the brass but it looked so pretty when I finished!

Here’s a close up of one of the deer candleholders and the other candleholder I just used a black tea light and put cranberries around it.

For the bowls and my centerpiece I painted pumpkins white (I couldn’t find natural white ones) and used mixed nuts and cranberries.  (I was going low fuss can you tell?)

I also used my favorite Williams Sonoma Home plates that I love using for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Here is a full view of the table and a peek at the chairs.

Here’s one more look at the table, nothing crazy elaborate that’s for sure but I’m happy that I’m not making people eat off of chinet!!  You probably got a glimpse of  my table, chairs and sideboard too, I promise to do a posting and better photos of the furniture soon!

Postings will be light this week Ya Ya (grandma) is coming into town for grandparent’s day tomorrow night and we have lots of catching up to do!

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