Repurposing the Bedroom Bar

December 14, 2010

Yea, I said it the bedroom bar.  Remember a few months ago I told you all about the bar that was in our bedroom??

As much as I like a good cocktail I didn’t really find it necessary to have a bar in my bedroom so we did this.

I immediately knew the bar would serve itself better in our basement that we were remodeling.  Here’s the before picture of it when we first put it down in the  space.

Yea, I know the blue had to go!  That is a new countertop though, the original was of course blue!  We did keep the sink that was already there and the countertop was ordered from Menards.  It’s just a laminate but it’s a couple notches above the normal laminate, the color was a special order and there is also a texture on the countertop.

I wanted my bar to go with my newly finished television console.

In case you forgot here’s what it looks like.

So the bar had to be painted black and I added some brass knobs.  I also purchased some black and white dishes from Target and a new Keurig coffee maker for my husband who works from home quite a bit. (His office is in the basement.)

The finished product!

A bar in the basement, much better!!  Anyone want a cocktail!?

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    1. Looks great! Perfect place for it and now you have no excuse not to have a cold drink any time you’re in there! : )

    1. You call it a console. At my house, it’s called it a credenza. My first boss had one in his new office at the bank and I always thought it had a sophisticated sound. I can’t wait to paint mine black. I was told it wants to grow up and be just like yours.

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