Organizing the Kitchen Sink

January 20, 2011

I haven’t even started to think about remodeling our kitchen yet so in the meantime the one thing that I have done is organize it.  I feel like when a space is organized it makes the space a bit more livable!

This is another quick and easy organization tip and let’s face it, it’s been done a million times.

I simply bought a soap dispenser from Crate and Barrel for the hand soap.  (It’s fancy it turns the soap foamy!) Then I bought an individual sushi plate to hold the kitchen sponge.  Think outside of the box when thinking of things to use to hold items!  (I’m not a fan of matchy match!) Then I bought a bottle with a spicket for the dish soap.  Add some flowers (of course) and you’ve got a clean and organized kitchen sink area!

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    1. Love the sushi plate, great idea. They are much cuter than
      some of the plain soap dishes out there. I use them for holding
      jewelry and office supplies too! Jenni

    1. What a great idea for a soap dispenser. I want one now!!
      I’ll have to keep an eye out for one for my kitchen! And I LOVE
      your taps – super-duper gorgeous. The colour is so beautiful. I’ve
      not seen any like that in the UK. Sarahx

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarah, I wished I lived in the UK so I could use the word colour instead of color! So much prettier!!!

    1. Good idea for jewelry and office supplies, I’m working on my office right now so I’ll have to keep that in mind! Thanks for stopping in Jennifer!

    1. I have one stuck in my utensil jar, it’s from Williams Sonoma, it’s on a wooden stick but honestly never use it, I’m a freak about the dishes and wash as I go so really never have to use it!

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