Organizing the Kitchen Sink

I haven’t even started to think about remodeling our kitchen yet so in the meantime the one thing that I have done is organize it.  I feel like when a space is organized it makes the space a bit more livable!

This is another quick and easy organization tip and let’s face it, it’s been done a million times.

I simply bought a soap dispenser from Crate and Barrel for the hand soap.  (It’s fancy it turns the soap foamy!) Then I bought an individual sushi plate to hold the kitchen sponge.  Think outside of the box when thinking of things to use to hold items!  (I’m not a fan of matchy match!) Then I bought a bottle with a spicket for the dish soap.  Add some flowers (of course) and you’ve got a clean and organized kitchen sink area!

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  1. Love the sushi plate, great idea. They are much cuter than
    some of the plain soap dishes out there. I use them for holding
    jewelry and office supplies too! Jenni

  2. What a great idea for a soap dispenser. I want one now!!
    I’ll have to keep an eye out for one for my kitchen! And I LOVE
    your taps – super-duper gorgeous. The colour is so beautiful. I’ve
    not seen any like that in the UK. Sarahx

    1. I have one stuck in my utensil jar, it’s from Williams Sonoma, it’s on a wooden stick but honestly never use it, I’m a freak about the dishes and wash as I go so really never have to use it!

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