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January 22, 2011

I usually don’t talk about my family too much on my blog but since I’m crazy busy at work today and can’t focus on a design related topic I thought I’d post some photos of my daughter, Sloan!

Sloan is on a traveling volleyball club and just started going to tournaments recently.  Last week’s games were so much fun but it was a long, long day. (12 hours!)  Their team ended up placing in second place and I was really proud of all the girls, they worked really hard!



(Sloan is #7.)

We’re headed to Ball State tomorrow for another round of games and as much fun as it is, I’m hoping it won’t last quite as long!

Today’s been a busy day for me, my newly upholstered chair was delivered, I’m working with some developers to improve my blog and business and I’m working on finalizing a plan to have my furniture sold in a local store!  So I’ve got to run!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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