Chandelier in the Living Room

We have a ceiling fan in the master bedroom and this would not be my choice obviously but like most  husband’s mine is no different and he has insisted we keep the fan in the room so it stays cool.  Because I love him, I’ve given him the fan but I’ve gone chandelier happy in all the other rooms!

(Apartment Therapy)


The living room is the most recent rooms I’ve bought a chandelier for.  I haven’t installed it yet but it’s sitting in the room just waiting to go up!  (Hopefully it won’t take as long as my chair I just had recovered!)

(Cote de Texas)


A chandelier is an appealing and attractive choice for the living room and makes a big impact.  (I’m all about the wow factor!)


(Country Living)


When chosing the right light fixture or chandelier for the room make sure it matches the style of your room.  Our living room is a bit modern but a bit traditional but simple too.  (I’m complicated like that!)  The chandelier I chose is quite simple with no beading or crystals.  It does have shades but of course I’ll be changing those out to another color.

(Country Living)


Another option besides a chandelier can also be a ceiling fan (not my option) or recessed lighting.

(Decor Pad)


Another thing to remember if you’re putting in a chandelier is to put in a place that isn’t going to obstruct the view or that is too low.  A good place to put a chandelier is above the coffee table.

(Decor Pad)


(Decor Pad)



(Decor Pad)


(Decor Pad)


(Genuine Style)


So what do you think, would you put a chandelier in your living room?  Do you have a favorite photo in this post?  Let me know what you think!


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Responses to Chandelier in the Living Room

  1. Pam Fitz says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I love your inspiration images, especially the decorpad image with the black and white cane pattern chairs and Country living image of the eclectic room with black and white chandelier shades. Really makes me want to consider adding a few small pops of black and white to my dining room!

  2. ivona says:

    want to put a chandelier in living room…i think its uniue and gorgeaous idea. my celing is 95 inches tall. how long should the chandlier be?

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