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February 3, 2011

Design inspiration is everywhere nowadays and alot of times it’s free.  One of my favorite places to get design ideas and tips are mail order catalogs.

To show you what I mean I’ll show you some examples in the latest Pottery Barn catalog that just came out.

There are lots of tips like the following:

Create a Map Wall

Combine a Shelf Display with a Wall Gallery

Update a Room in an Instant

Make an All White Bed

How to Host a Brunch

Decorate with Glass and Candles

Get White with Right

Create the Perfect Wine Bar

Small Living Spaces

Decorate with Faux Flowers (Sorry not on board with that one!)

How to Measure for Drapes

How to Hang Drapes

There are also ideas that you can make your own for alot less money then in the catalog itself like this large linen pinboard.

I think you could so replicate that for less then $50.00!

I love how big this chalkboard in the dining room is.  I know the chalkboard has been done alot but putting it in a new place like this is really cool!

I sometimes have problems coming up with how to arrange items on the wall and this wall of mirrors is really beautiful!

So is this photo wall!  I love how none of the frames match but yet it all comes together!

This furniture is seen in lots of home magazines but its not why I posted it, I posted this photo because I love the paneled wall behind it!  Make sure you look at the whole photo and not what is being sold when looking for design ideas!

I’ve made a list of home catalogs that are free and are great for design ideas!

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel

Williams Sonoma Home

Shades of Light

Restoration Hardware





I’d love if you shared with me where you go for design inspiration!

Also make sure to check out High Gloss a new online magazine!  Saying it’s killer is putting it mildly!

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    1. hi i am redecorating my living with teal ,orange, red and gray. I am really confused with rugs. there are 3 rugs in a picture which one i should go with? Also how about the curtains which one i should go with? teal or brown? Should i paint the coffee table aqua blue and white side table or should i paint all three white or aqua color? What do you think about the wall color? Its soft camel color. Please take a look and help me. thanks.

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