Guest Room Part #3 (Resource List Too!)

February 19, 2011

I’ve decided I’m mostly done with the guest room.  (Do you believe me ?!) All I’m waiting on are my pillows.  Remember this fabric I showed you?  I’m having small pillows made to replace the larger white pillows on the bed.

This bedroom was done on a major budget showing you that once again you don’t have to break the bank to create an inviting space you want to spend time in!

As I previously mentioned I decided to change a few things about the room after posting the photos on my blog.  I think I’m like a lot of people who change their space over time and makes changes here and there depending how I’m feeling at the moment.  I think taking your time with your space and letting it evolve is the best way to make a room come together.

My readers are awesome and gave me some great compliments on the room but I am my worst critic and I knew the room wasn’t completely working for me.

The original room.

Me picking the room apart.

I made some small changes, like replacing the shades, painting the gold frames navy, replacing the gold lamp, replacing the black magazine table with a cute white wicker elephant and changing out the beige lampshade with a navy and white patterned one.

What the room looks like today! (I can’t guarantee it won’t change again!)

A close up of the once gold frame now painted navy.

The linen colored lampshade for the chandelier.  The trim was painted on with a black permanent marker!

A close up of a shelf that was added and my black elephant was sprayed white to pop!

I need to paint the brackets of the mirror the same color of the door,  but don’t forget to install a full length mirror for your guest.

Here’s a hook in the closet, it’s good for your guest’s robe or winter jacket.  It’s the small details that count in the guest room.

Remember the small touches, an alarm clock, towels, extra blankets, chocolates, magazines and sample sized toiletries in case your guest forgets something!

Below are some questions from good ol’ AT that I used to describe the room.

Apartment Therapy Questionnaire

Style:  Traditional with a contemporary feel.

Inspiration:  My starting point for the room is the pottery barn fabric and the botanical prints from a book my Granny Kaye gave me years ago.

Favorite Element:   The white wicker elephant.  He’s fun and he’s cute!

Biggest Challenge:  Starting from scratch.  The room started with just the studs and a cement floor.  Another challenge was making the room look like it wasn’t in the basement.

What Friends Say:  I’m moving in!

Biggest Embarrassment:  The closet is still not done.  I hate when things aren’t finished.  Ummm hello…Drew put this on the list please!!

Proudest DIY:  Painting all the mismatched furniture and making it look like it all goes together.

Biggest Indulgence:  Honestly, there was no indulgence in the room, I don’t think any one item cost more then $80.00, and that was the chandelier.

Best Advice:  Take a photo of your room when you are done with it and look at it a week later, I guarantee you’ll find something you want to change.

Dream Source:  Not really sure on this one, I liked working with what I had and scouting thrift and antique stores and big department chains.

Walls:  Benjamin Moore  (Have to go look it up, the paint color is in my office and I’m not home right now!)

Trim Color:  Benjamin Moore Simply White

Lighting Fixture:  Black glossy chandelier.  I bought it on clearance from Menards (great lighting source) and it is no longer available.

Rug:  Target

Lighting:  The black lamp is from Home Goods and the red lamp and blue shade is from Target.

Floating shelf:  Ikea

Curtains:  Handmade with left over fabric.  Bamboo shades are from Home Depot.

Accessories:  Yellow bird dish-Anthropologie; White large elephant-West Elm; Candles-Target & Anthropologie, Black mirrored tray-Target; alarm clock-Target; the rest you see are from thrift stores and garage sales.

Sunburst Mirror:  Silver in the City.  It used to be oil bronze and I painted it black.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

If you need some design help or a moodboard designed please click here to get started!

Have a great weeekend!!

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    1. I like that floral fabric! I’m looking for ideas for the house that my daughters will be renting this fall at college and I hope they like this as much as I do!

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