Putzing Around and Some Bad Kharma

March 18, 2011

There’s been no big projects this week.  Ok, that’s a lie, our laundry room cabinets were installed but I don’t count that because I was just the foreman.  I’ve been trying to catch up around the house with the million little projects I’ve got going on.  I hung some blinds (for the love of God, I hate installing blinds more then anything) I’ve cleaned the house (am I the only person’s house that gets trashed during a room remodel) hung some prints, did some laundry, you know boring stuff.  Oh and after watching Hoarders last night, I cleaned my house some more!  I have this underlying fear that my house will end up like one of theirs, which is funny because I’m pretty much the opposite of a hoarder!

My office is moving at a very slow pace because of other projects but last night as I was filling out permission slips and working on my calender and finishing up some moodboards for some gals,  I decided my inspiration boards needed a little punch.


(Photo taken at night, sorry, that’s the breaks of spur of the moment ideas)


All I did was add some upholstery tacks to the perimeter of the boards.  Quick and easy!  Back to one of my design rules, do a little at a time, the small things add up!



I’m also working on a little art project for the main level bathroom and I needed a frame.  At first I picked up a frame at Hobby Lobby but I caught myself.  (Good thing it took the lady 20 minutes to get to the fabric area to help me, oh and then she’s mad at me because how dare I ring the service bell twice!) I put the frame back and thought I’d run to the Goodwill to see if they would have a frame.  I was looking for a wood one that was a little worn, perfect place to look!

I found the frame below for $2.99.  Way better then $19.99 right!?  At first I wasn’t quite sure what was in the frame and I turned it over and it said Jacob, Age 4, Dolphin.

Ummm that can’t be good kharma giving your babies artwork to Goodwill can it!?  Honestly, it was hard for me to throw out the artwork to put my art work in!!  I’ll show you what I did with the frame tomorrow!!

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    1. Whatever happened to the chairs you were going back to get at Goodwill?

    1. I’m the opposite of the hoarders also. I tend to throw away too much and then need it one day.

      Moodboard is very pretty. Good job. Love the color.

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