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My master bedroom just like the rest of the rooms in my home are moving at a slow pace.  We haven’t quite lived in the house a year yet and it seems like we’ve done so much but there’s also so much more to do.  When you buy a new house you learn quickly whatever was working in your last home usually doesn’t work in the new home!

If you look at the photo of what my master room looked like you will quickly notice that my nightstand on the right is way too small.  In our old room we had a platform bed so the table worked.  (Not so much now!)

I went to an auction awhile back and I ran across this side table.  Truth be told I didn’t totally love it but it was the height and the width I was looking for.

Here’s the things about auctions, you don’t always get a chance to look over the piece you’re about to buy.  I didn’t see this piece until it came up for bidding so I didn’t get to look inside.

To say it was gross is putting it mildly.  Seriously I almost just left the side table at the auction house.  Blech!!  But who am I kidding I’m totally not going to just throw money down the drain so I took it home.

The piece has sat in my workshop for almost 2 months, honestly I just didn’t want to deal with cleaning it out.  Finally I put on my gloves and got to work on it.  The amount of garbage inside of it filled up an entire kitchen garbage bag.  Did I mention blech!

I guess because I wasn’t really feeling the piece I didn’t want to put alot more money into it.  I also didn’t want to get too crazy on the paint technique, I wanted to keep it very simple.  I actually bought some hardware for the piece but quickly learned the original holes are not a standard size, which meant I would have to patch them up and sand them.  (Ummm…too lazy and just not into putting that much time into it!)  I ended up just grabbing 6 knobs from a previous piece and painted them.  I thought knobs might look neat instead of the usual pull.

I painted the piece and the knobs Benjamin Moore Brilliant White.

The result.

(As you can see the nightstands are closer to the same height now.)


Hopefully the bleach, hot water, soap and 5 coats of paint got rid of the blech!  Honestly I think it looks really pretty in the room and there’s lots more room to store all the things I need handy next to me!

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  1. Oh my! I love this! I think we have both been having the same problem with our bedrooms! I just can’t ever seem to get it perfect, UNTIL my husband and I decided to tackle our first bedroom furniture job and we built our bed! We love it and now all I have to do is add a few more accessories and it will be brilliant! I’d love for you to check it out over at!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. It looks so pretty! I love your lamp too. I am in the middle of decorating a little beach condo… I hit the thrift shops and get out the white paint for every thing!

  3. The night table looks great. You can never go wrong with white but it is those lamps that have me going gaga. Love them. Thanks for linking up to Motivated Monday at BeColorful

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