A Little Anthropologie Makeover

April 14, 2011

I’ve not done a single thing in our master bathroom since we’ve moved in. The room is very plain and very boring. It’s livable though although the blue cabinets must be painted asap!

One of the things that did bother me was the towel bar near the shower area. First we needed more then one towel in the area. As much as I love my husband I don’t want to share a towel with him. The other problem was the towel draped over the light switch and somehow I don’t think a wet towel over a light switch is safe!


(Big ol’ holes left to be filled!)

(The patchwork is done.  Notice how different the paint color looks during the day!)

The other day when I was shopping at Anthropologie I picked up these really cool  letter hooks.  I’m pretty much obsessed with monograms so DJL was the obvious choice for me.  Plus instead of one towel we’d have three towels near the shower!


Much better then the towel bar don’t you think!!

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