A Little Anthropologie Makeover

I’m doing a little shopping for 2 of my clients today and of course stopped at my favorite antique store.

Here’s a few things that caught my eye.

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Responses to A Little Anthropologie Makeover

  1. Sarah C. says:

    Hi there, I tried to buy a bright blue buffet off you but someone beat me to the punch. Still, I have been reading your blog ever since.
    Where is this little antique shop you love so much? I think those white “bamboo” side tables are awesome.
    I too have a blog…check it out if you have any time. http://www.lglf.blogspot.com
    Thanks for posting!

    • Hi Sarah!! Thanks for visiting, I’ll for sure check out your blog! Make sure you check on my furniture page, I’m always working on new things!! The antique store is Midland Antiques, it’s very near downtown on the east side, hope this helps! Happy Shopping!!

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