An Update and A “Little” Rant

April 19, 2011

I’ve been a really busy girl lately, I mean really busy.  Did I mention busy?  Guess what happens when you start a blog and you start showing off your furniture and your design work and work on promoting your business day in and day out for well over a year?  You start getting clients and you start getting really busy!

I started this blog for fun and as a way to show off what I love to do.  I love design and decorating, it’s my passion but honestly I love making my house feel like a home for my family.  (Could be where I came up with the name for my blog!)  The more I wrote, the more positive feedback I got back.  The design blog world is like a little community and for the most part it seems like everyone wants to see others do well.  I’d like to say 98% of the people who comment or send me emails are extremely positive but on the dark side there are some really nasty people out there who love to pick apart what I’ve done as a designer.

I totally get it not everyone has my taste and not everyone is going to like what I do. but I’m just not the type of gal who goes out of their way to bring someone down.  I guess what is most hurtful is that I primarily show only my home on the blog so when I get nasty emails, they are basically saying negative things about my home and I’m very emotionally attached to my home and the people I’ve made that home for.  There’s even been one lady that harassed me so much on my blog (thank goodness I screen my comments) and on my HGTV account that I ended up just pulling me account from HGTV.  No joke, I reported her and she’d turn around and make a new account and continue to leave crazy comments.  I would ignore here but another commenter would come to my rescue and it would just fuel the fire.  I finally learned not to take it personally, some people thrive on negativity but I’m just not the type of person who likes to be anywhere near that type of behavior.

Another disappointing element of the blog are when people ask for help and advice and then once I answer them I don’t even get a thank you in return.  I recently spent over 15 hours of my time helping a reader with a design for her home and when it was over, again not even a thank you.  I think the rule of thumb is if you’re asking someone for advice and they take time from their day to answer your questions you should at least say thanks!  (Am I crazy?)

I know I’ve not experienced anything different then any other designer or decorator out there but it does get frustrating and it sometimes can get in the way of the great things happening.  No matter how good you are doing there seems to always be a few who doesn’t like the direction you’re going!  I’m sure everyone can relate to that right?

So now that I have ranted I do want to rave about the clients I do have and the 98% of my readers that are awesome…seriously awesome, because of all of these people I’ve had the courage to start my design business and help people make their home into a place they love coming home to, so thanks!

I’ve still managed to blog everyday but somedays my post goes up late.  I’m working on getting back on track but right now bear with me!  All of a sudden I have budgets and mileage and taxes and yucky business stuff to learn!

Now because I’ve been so busy lately,  I’ve not had much to share with you on the homefront. It seems once you start working more hours you have to stop working on your own home!   However I will share with you a photo of the couch I bought for our bedroom recently!

Pretty eh!!  I know it’s not great, in fact it’s plain ugly, but I promise you’ll love it once you see the after!  It’s being picked up later this week for it’s makeover.  The reason I picked the piece was it was a simple design and the dimensions worked perfect.  (Another tip for you all, look at the lines of the piece and try to not notice the dorky & updated fabric.)

I have 2 other projects I’m working on in the master bedroom and the room will be complete.  (Ha!)  I can’t wait to show you the photos!

Another room that’s almost done is our laundry room and of course you know I have to have many projects going on at once so this last weekend my husband and I went patio furniture shopping and I’m dying to get started on the patio!

So hopefully, I’ll have lots of after photos to show you soon and thanks again for reading my blog and please, please, please I really do love hearing from you, so keep those emails coming!!

Have a great week everyone!  Oh, and if anyone would like to share how they cope with nasty people I’d love to hear your tips!!

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    1. Oh sweetie I’m so sorry to hear people are taking advantage and being rude to you. You know in this day and age (I’m an old timer 56), some people just don’t have any sense or any manners. Don’t let them get to you. When the crazy harrasses you simply reply “you’ll pray for her.” That will make her nuts and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you returned the favor in a nice way. LOL

      I am happy for you that your business and blog are winners. You are a nice person, you work hard and you deserve the success.

      So don’t let the crazies and rude people get you down, I’ve dealt with them in my animal rescue work. Yes, they walk amoung us and catch us by surprise from time to time. Remind yourself of the good times and don’t let them ruin your day. Take care.

    1. Patsy, you always leave the nicest comments!! Thanks so much for always making my day a little better! I can’t believe this but you are seriously the 4th person whose told me they volunteer and deal with such rude people! Isn’t there a law in the bible about that!!!

    1. Sorry you have to deal with this. I know I LOVE watching your blog. I still have plans to have you help me with a room layout in the near future because I think you do wonderful work. I work in a public school and I am constantly being reminded how negative people are. I have to remind myself that the negative comments are coming from just a select few. Remember that some of us adore what you do and enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Yea, there’s a commandment for us on the receiving end and it’s “though shalt not kill.” LOL

    1. The best comeback I use is the one I learned from Ann Landers. If someone says something to your face, you look them straight in the eye and say, “Did your mother teach you say things like that?” You should see the look on their face. I doubt it’ll work with the written word, but it’s worth a try?

    1. Yes, I’ve used that one face to face with people who have a 4 word vocabulary, if you know what I mean.

    1. Actually I’m great at the comebacks face to face its dealing with the online stuff and people I’ve never met before is what’s throwing me for a loop! I hope you guys don’t think I’m a big complainer because in reality like I said 98% of the people I’ve met are awesome!

    1. Yes, but it’s that darn 2% that keeps nagging us. A negative is a really strong factor and needs to be replaced with a lot of positive. Go out with some good positive thinking friends—You Are Who You Hang Around With.(That’s an adapted quote from the Bible! And, I’ve used it on my kids for years!!!)

    1. Maryann, I didn’t know that was a quote from the bible, I always thought it was the quote from my 6th. grade teacher who told me that the day I found myself in trouble due to association. I never forgot that quote and carried with me always and actually still do.

    1. I think the actual quote is 7 words and is something like “You become what you think about most” or something like that. So always think good thoughts, positive thoughts. If you think bad things will happen, they will.

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