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September 8, 2011



Hey y’all!  Does anything look different?  Well I hope it does because my entire blog got a makeover,  it’s sorta like What Not to Wear did an intervention!  Out with the old tired looking blog and in with the refreshed and fabulous!    I’d love to know what you think!!  (Can you tell I like it?!)

I promise to start really posting this coming Monday but for now I’d love for you to check the new look out.  For the next few days I’ll be ironing out the bugs and tweaking things a bit.  (You know it’s like a room, it’s never really done!)

In the meantime…

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You can also enter your email in the subscription box (over on the side again… are you sensing a theme?) and my postings will go directly to your email every morning.  (The easier the better right?!)

I’ll see you all back on Monday!!  I hope you all have a fun week!


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    1. Loved the new format Sweetie. I think you also get “things are never done and you have to keep tweaking them ” from me also!!

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