A Little At A Time

September 16, 2011

We’ve lived in our house for a little over a year now. Our house was fairly new when we bought it and barely any landscaping had been done.

Landscaping is expensive and alot of work so we obviously work in sections.

We’ve finished a few sections like the fire pit and the back yard patio and a few more areas in the back yard (I’ll post soon) but today I’m showing off an area of the front yard, to keep with this week’s theme of operation front yard clean-up.

Here’s how the space started out.

That freakin’ tree, I’ve hated it from the day we moved in but removing it isn’t in the budget or the time schedule so for now I had Drew trim it up and make it look a little nicer.

After the tree was trimmed up (still hate it) we ran over to the nursery and used the rest of our $200.00 gift certificate (and a little more…ok alot more). After playing and moving plants around we came up with a plan of where things were going to end up. (There was alot of walking out to the street, closing of the eyes and then opening them (don’t judge, it’s how my mind works) to convince myself I was seeing it for the first time and then alot of move it over an inch, no now back 1/4 of an inch!)

New black mulch was added too. Seriously, if you can’t afford to landscape just adding new mulch will make your space look clean and nice!

Breaking things down a little bit is really the way to go! Of course looking at my after (for now) photos really makes me think I need a new sculpture to replace the bird bath and new larger light fixtures for the garage areas!

Below I’ve given you the description of what we planted. Just FYI our front yard gets zero shade so all the plants are great for full sun. Honestly, I have no idea what type of tree is in the front of our house if anyone knows please feel free to tell me, I’ve just listed it as ugly!!

Oh and thanks Casa Sugar for showing off my chevron table this week! Nice way to start back my first official week back to the blogging world!

I’ve had a great week back at House to your Home and alot of really nice emails from some of my readers. You guys rock seriously!! Some of you asked how to get my blog sent directly to you and if any of you were wondering but were afraid to ask (: just hit the RSS feed over to the right over to your right (I’ll get a subscribe box up soon, it’s something I forgot to do) while you’re at it feel free to follow me on twitter or become a fan on facebook. (I show off photos I don’t always blog about.)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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