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September 22, 2011

It’s no secret I like to go to garage sales, estate sales, buy things on ebay and go to thrift stores. I like items that are unusual and hopefully one of a kind and I like when people come into my house and ask me where I got something.

Don’t get me wrong I buy lots from Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Pottery Barn and I love to splurge with even higher end pieces and fabrics but there’s something about the hunt and finding something unique that no one else has.

You can go to any blog including mine and find some really great before and after projects and some great pieces of revamped (is that a word) furniture and think to yourself how come I never find anything good like that?

People always ask how do you find your stuff and you’re right to ask that because honestly most of the stuff at thrift stores are crap. Have you ever been to a thrift store? I’m not going to lie, they usually have a funny smell, also take a look around the hard core thrifters are usually wearing gloves (and for good reason, usually if something smells it’s dirty!)

Some hints though, you have to think outside the box and ask yourself if you can use an item in a way that its not intended for? That coffee table you’re looking at could be a great ottoman or that mirror with the awesome frame can be turned into a beautiful chalkboard.


O at Home (RIP…I really liked this magazine)

The king of thrifting in my book is Eddie Ross! I don’t think he’s going to some secret store just for him he knows how to think outside the box and he knows how to make things work.

Spray paint can also be your best friend, look for items you like the shape of, you can always paint it. Great examples are lamps or pieces of porcelain.

You have to be willing to go to thrift stores on a weekly basis (or 2-3 times a week if you’re me). If you see something you like pick it up right then, if you decided later you don’t want it put it back before you leave. If you like a piece of furniture there is usually a tag on it, take it off! Let your gut or heart speak to you and if it speaks then listen, I mean seriously you’re at a thrift store, it’s not like you’re going to blow your mortgage on the item. Honestly, everytime I’ve bought something my heart said to I’ve never regretted the purchase, the item will magically fit into your space I promise!

I thought instead of showing off awesome thrift store finds  I’d share with you some things that made me laugh and I’m going to try and make this an ongoing regular post!

Even spray paint won’t help this Holly Hobby knock off!

I don’t even get it, I mean if you’re putting this in your beach house, then you don’t deserve a beach house!

Proves the point that all baby dolls are creeeepppyyy!!  Can you imagine waking up and seeing this thing looking at ya?!

Best tip, just go and have fun, invite your girlfriends make fun of the silly things you see and follow your heart!

Happy thrifting!

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    1. You crack me up. We are so much a like. I walk through the thrift stores and think, wow, someone actually had that in their house!

    1. Hilarious….if that were a REAL Holly Hobby, you could sell it on ebay and take the proceeds on a shopping spree to Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Pottery Barn…and lunch with the ladies, me included!

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