Being Cool with You

September 29, 2011

Before I took a break from blogging this summer I have to admit I was sorta glad to be taking the break. Not only do I blog but I read design blogs, lots of design blogs, I also read lots of design magazines and books. There is not a day where I am not reading about interior design, I seriously love it that much.

Do you know what happens when you read & study interior design everyday? You start to think your place isn’t good enough, hip enough or beautiful enough. I think it might be a normal thing most women do about virutally everything. Are we good enough wives, mothers, employees, friends, etc. Maybe it’s a good thing because it makes us strive to be better but it also brings out perhaps some bitterness and envy even if its only in our head and then if you’re like me you feel guilty for being jealous of someone’s sucess, when really why shouldn’t we be happy when someone suceeds, especially other women!  It’s like a never-ending circle!

Another problem I have even more then I used to is because I read so many blogs I’ve learned I like many different styles and sometimes I have a hard time holding back in my house, which has caused some major design failures!  There have been many times my mind has wandered off and I find myself thinking…

I want to have a cozy and cool place in Manhattan.  (Duh right!)


Or I beat myself up because I can’t sew (not even a hole in my sock) things like these really cool curtains.


Then I think I wish my home looked effortlessly put together, not to mention I’d love to have the balls to paint the main areas in my house pink.  (Perhaps I need a second home?)


There are also times I want to go outside of the box like the photo below but then I chicken out because I end up having a conversation in my head where someone comes to my house and says, it’s going to be hard to sell your house now, not everyone is going to like this. (Yea, I have conversations in my head all the time!)


Then of course I see the beautiful finished spaces and think things like why haven’t I started working on my kitchen yet? (Looks virtually the same as the day we moved in.)


Then there are simply times I am completely envious of a designer’s talent!


With all that said,  taking a break along with taking a deep breath makes me realize that my house is my home filled with the people I love and memories we’ve made. I love that I have pieces throught my house like a bowl of rocks (oh and get this I’d grab them if there was a fire) that only my husband, daughter and I know the meaning behind it and probably many, many other things that are purely sentimental to me.  I love that our home makes us all happy and really that’s all that matters and I need to cut myself a break and be cool with me!


(My Living Room)

Does anyone else get overwhelmed with your house and find yourself comparing it to others? If so what do you do to work through it? I’d love to know!

(All the photos are linked back to some of my favorite blogs, they are also the ones I’ve been reading the longest.)

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