My Love of Lake Michigan

October 6, 2011

Last week I wrote about how I wanted a little fixer upper camper so I can take it to Lake Michigan for weekend getaways.  I think the best part of going to Lake Michigan is driving around and looking at the beach homes.

The last time we went I took some photos to share with all of you.

Seriously living in a pink house, how awesome would that be??  This was one of the few modern homes in the area and probably the only one with a manicured lawn.  In my opinion, it works!

A little traditional beachy and a little modern.  I love the weathered look with the modern lines.


Nothing but a traditional beach house here and I love everything about it!  (Notice how I love every type of style there is!!)


How amazing would it be to wake up to this view every morning??


There are also smaller homes mixed in with the grand homes.  Shocking as it may seem I love this house too and take it in a freakin’ heart beat!

You know how people say if you say something out loud and announce it to the world there’s a better chance of it happening???  Welll..I’m totally going to wake up to those views one of these days!!!

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