Thrifting Trip in October

October 14, 2011

To find this…

So you can end up with this…

You have to muddle through all this…

Because a shelf isn’t enough on it’s own, a blue heart, 2 layers of lace and a silk bow should always be added!  I mean if I’ve seen this in House Beautiful once I’ve seen it a million times!

Lace seems to be a theme in my post today, lovely layered yellowed dusty lace!  If the lace and lamp aren’t working for ya, perhaps you can just empty out the potpourri, it looks like its still pretty fresh from back in 1984 when it was put in the canning jar lamp!

In case Cracker Barrel is your design inspiration.

Perhaps creepy ceramic dolls and tissue holders that look worse then the cardboard tissue box itself are more popular then I thought?

My favorite find of the day though…

Yep adult diapers which just so happens to be an open package of adult diapers!  Best find everrr!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!  I’m hoping to have a bonfire in the backyard before the weather gets too chilly.  I’m sorta not liking how dark and cold it’s been getting at night.  I’m so not ready for winter!

See ya all on Monday!!



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