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October 17, 2011

Monday, whoo hoo!  (Do you believe my excitement?)  Actually, I guess I am excited it’s Monday because I’m finally feeling better.  On Friday I woke up with a killer headache which decided to stay around all weekend, then on Saturday the headache was still there with a little upset stomach thrown in for an even better time!  Am I the only one who thinks if I’m going to get sick let it be during the week and not on the weekend? (;

I’m not one to lay around (unless I’m camping) so laying in bed all day was filled with regret (it happened to be beautiful outside) but it was also filled with alot of playing on the Ipad and catching up on blogs (I’m adding some new discoveries to the link page this week) and alot of surfing around on Pinterest.  If you like to have an idea of what excites me (design wise) then please feel free to take a peek!  (I added 100’s of new likes, but still need to organize them.)

Today I’m showing you a quick and fun chair makeover.  I found this chair a month or so ago and I loved it (but I’m a sucker for chairs I’d have a hundred in my house if I could.) This chair is super heavy and 100% heavy metal.  It was pretty funny, when I was haggling for the price of the chair the big sell was it’s new upholstery job.  Let me share it with you.


Nice eh! 😛  Honestly I have no idea what that “fabric” was.

The best thing about the chair was there was going to be no painting involved.  Just a quick & easy recover of the chair pad.  When I bought the fabric 2 of the sales people asked me what I was going to use my fabric for and when I told them a chair they both gave me a very strange look.  I’ll show you why…

Yep a new cushion and some fur and a fun and not so serious chair is born!  I know the chair isn’t everyones cup of tea but I like it, in fact I like it alot!!

Another busy week this week, should be fun!  Also if you’re having problems making comments on the blog, please be patient we’re working through the bugs!  I appreciate your patience!  I have a fun announcement on FB today too so make sure and become a fan of House to your Home!

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    1. What a fabulous chair! I love the new seat cushion and cracked up that you had to haggle because of the prior “fabric”. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

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