Ikea Maskros Lighting has been Hacked!

October 24, 2011

On Friday I showed you Heather Armstrong of Dooce’s Maskros Lighting that had been sprayed gold.

Today, I’m going to show off a little hack I pulled off on the same lighting fixture.

When we first moved into our house we took a trip to Ikea to buy a few things.  While we were there Sloan absolutely went bananas over the Maskros Lighting.  At the time it only came in one size and it was super huge and I knew it was too big for her room but she’s 13 and I figured it was time to loosen the reins a bit on her room and bought the light fixture for her room.

Here’s what it looked like in her room about a year ago.

Sooooo…a few months ago we were back at Ikea (yea we go there more then any person should) and I was totally excited to see the light fixture released in a smaller version and convinced Sloan this was a better choice for the room.  (The old fixture was quickly sold on Craigslist.)

Instead of just keeping it white though I decided to do something a little different.  Since I refinish furniture I’ve been seeing alot of dressers (on Pinterest) that have a color scale effect to them and I love the look, in fact in my color theory class my color scale assignment was one of my favorite projects.  (Color scale basically means one color with either black or white added to it to show off a subtle darker to lighter look.)

I picked a hot pink paint and added white to get a regular pink color and then alot of white (yea very scientific) to give me a very light pink color.  I equally divided the flowers into 3 groups and got to painting.

After the “flowers” were dry I assembled the light fixture.  I decided not to paint the plastic part of the light fixture, I liked it white and I thought the white caps made the fixture look more like flowers and what 13 year old girl doesn’t love flowers?

The final result…

Sloan loved it but really decided she loved it when her friends came over and told her they loved it!

We also got a new bedspread and some cool accessories for the room and I’m working on a dresser re do. Ummm…yea we’re already tweaking her bedroom and I’m still not done with mine!

Some other popular hacks of this light fixture includes:

Jenny Komenda of the Little Green Notebook.

Ikea Hacker Source Unknown.

Amy Butler featured in Apartment Therapy.

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow I have another fun Ikea Hack to show off!

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    1. You are becoming wickedly crafty my dear!!! I can’t wait to see Sloan’s revised room.

    1. Ohhh don’t say the crafty word! You know how I hate that word! Lol!

    1. Great project and wonderful color! Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. I hope you will make it a weekly party stop!

    1. Hi there! Wondering if you can help me with something. I am considering this light for my daughters room. Does it give off enough light to be the main light in the room? I love the way you finished it and want to try the same thing but I am unsure if her room will be bright enough. Thanks so much!!!

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