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October 28, 2011

This was a particulary long week with alot accomplished and alot more still to be done.  If I didn’t have enough to do I thought why not have a bunch of 13 year olds over for a Halloween party on Saturday! (Secretly, I’m excited to have them over!)

I love a good quote (as long as it’s not on FB.)  This particular one is one I remind myself everyday. It’s taken me a long time to finally figure out if I want to do something well then just do it and don’t let the steps back stop me.

I’ve also turned into my father (besides the fact we’re both neat freaks and a bit OCD) I’m now trying to get (force) my daughter to watch documentaries with me like my dad used to with me.  I’d like to think mine (or this particular one) is more interesting then World War I & II ones.  Last weekend PBS ran Pearl Jam’s documentary (PJ20) directed by Cameron Crowe.  It was amazing, Pearl Jam is still my favorite band 20 years later, I seriously laughed, cried and clutched my heart watching this movie.  (I also bought the CD that accompanies the movie.)  I also would love to have the balls to take a summer and relive my youth and follow the band for the summer!

Then the living under the rock portion of my post.  Why after so many years of stalking many blogs have I not seen some particular blogs until recently?  Some of my new favorites…(check ’em out, they’re also added to my links page now.)

Caitlin Wilson Design

 It’s not like I’ve never read her blog before so it’s more like a renewed love and besides her great style her textile line she recently launched is worth checking out, they are really pretty!


Barb of Knack Studios is seriously talented and she’s been a contributor at Design Sponge for awhile now.  Being the furniture lover that I am her blog is right up my alley!


Gypsy Soul Interiors

 Kristen and Ann Jane are both cool and Kristen’s home seriously speaks to me and reminds me a little of mine, I like that she designs her home with things that speak to her and not what everyone else is doing.


AB Chao

AB or Anna Beth is seriously talented and not afraid of color, using the unexpected and mixing traditional with modern.  She also styled Heather Armstrong of Dooce’s living room.

Knight Moves

Kyle’s great at writing about what inspires her in the design world and her house is pretty amazing too!

Honey & Fitz

Dina has been featured on House of Fifty and was on the Nate Berkus show.  She’s young and hip and always has neat ideas and great before and afters!

Amber Interior Design

Ever meet someone or read their blog and think, they’re so cool?!  Well that’s Amber! The Glitter Guide just showed off her house and seriously I think I died! (Zoeism)

If The Lampshade Fits

Elle Decor

Raina says: “A beautiful partner desk that will never see a lick of work.”

 Raina is a smart ass or as she says in a more politically correct way she likes to point out the obvious.  She makes me want to point out the obvious a little more often on my blog, because for the people who know me in real life know I’m great at pointing out the obvious.  My favorite posts are labeled Mrs. Obvious.  Check them out, freakin’ hilarious!

So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and do some reading this weekend!

Have a great one!


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