One Last Outdoor Project for the Year

November 2, 2011

We finished this outdoor project a few months ago so I thought I should post it before I forgot about it and so you can see the progress in our backyard until we start up again next spring.

If you like here’s some previous post on our backyard.

We put in a bubbling rock this summer.  Drew wanted to do a pond but I convinced him to think smaller because of how big the project would of turned into.  My husband doesn’t normally think small but he was happy we decided to do the rock.

I’m not a big step by step DIY explainer so I’m just going to let the photos & a few words speak for itself and if you have questions you can leave me a comment and I’ll try and answer it for you.


Kill grass.  Dig hole.  Insert base.


Rock, water, pump, water plants.

Electrical ran.  Yeaaaa bubbling water!

Aren’t those black rocks to die for?  Also a little pea gravel and a protective tarp to prevent the weeds (that never seems to work!)

Black mulch (like a truck full.)

Solar spot light to show off our awesome work!


I think next year we’ll do some landscaping around the perimeter of the patio blocks and hopefully a hot tub!!  (Are you reading this D?)

Sadly though it’s time to pack the outdoor furniture away until next year!

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