Bedroom Side Table

November 7, 2011

Awhile back I wrote about a side table I bought for our masterbedroom.

It started out looking like this…

I didn’t do too much to it and this is how it sat for awhile.

I had planned on putting some pretty handles on it but the holes were weird and a normal sized handle would not fit and I was too lazy to fill in the holes and re-drill new holes, so I simply sprayed the original knobs and was done for the time being.

The furniture I re-do is alot like the rooms I design, they get tweaked over time.

Last week I was at Menards looking at the cabinet hardware and found some pulls on clearance when a light bulb went off.

A pulled out some left over paint, quickly made a paper stencil and added the pulls and in less then 30 minutes this is the final result.

I think I can finally say I’ve completed a project in my house!

**UPDATE: My comments are still wonky, sometimes it’ll post your comments, sometimes it won’t. Every since I started hosting my blog I’ve been trying to get this situation ironed out. Just when I think I’ve got it taken care of I’ll get an email saying I can’t post my comment!! So if you’re running into this problem, I apologize and while I try to get this figured out please feel free to email me or comment on my FB page! Thanks!!

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    1. It turned out awesome!! I am doing a post on Wednesday about buying furniture on a budget and re-doing pieces, can I feature you? Thanks!!

    1. This was quite the transformation! Love the color choice it really compliments your room:)

    1. I love it that you are seeing glsmpies of you in your sweet daughter! Yaaaaay. There is no greater joy. Your home inspires me because you take it on the road with you, Kim. Your demeanor is like your design…peace.

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