Living Room for Thanksgiving

Living Room for Thanksgiving

This weekend I finished decorating the living room for Thanksgiving. I didn’t do too much, I’m not the biggest seasonal decorator.  Lots of stuff makes me itch!

I made a simple banner that I found on Pinterest and downloaded it and printed it off on a linen like scrapbook paper.  The mantel is kept simple, using items I already owned.


I love this dog it was my Granny Kaye’s, unfortunately his partner broke on his trip to Indianapolis.  (Yes, they are boys.)

This was an easy project, it’s a thankful tree. I just clipped some branches from one of our bushes out front and placed them in one of my favorite pitchers. It matches my china from Williams Sonoma Home. I put floral foam in the pitcher so the branches would stay in place. The tags are actually Christmas tags from Jones Design Company (I just used the tags with the patterns.) and are tied on with pretty ribbon.  The tags have things are family is grateful for written on them.

Anyone else do any last minute Thanksgiving decorating?? I suppose I should buy the food today for Thanksgiving dinner eh!?

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