Picking Your Battles

December 1, 2011

So I was busy preparing some furniture for my shop and also…get this decorating the house for Christmas yesterday (I know, I know I actually decorated this year and I gotta say its pretty good!) so the post today is pretty much a short and silly one but maybe one some of you can relate with me!

Does anyone else have a 13 year old daughter?

Does anyone deal with this every morning when you walk into your 13 year old’s room?

(Sorry for the iPhone photo and the shadows are the Ikea Maskros light.)


Obviously going 5 steps to her own private bathroom to hang up her towel is like ummm…way too hard, I mean Goddddddd!!!!

I’m hoping this cute hook I installed yesterday may help the towel up off the floor.  It’s as close to her floor length mirror (where she gets ready in the morning) as I could possible get so it’s basically just a matter of reaching up to get the towel off the floor.

Am I making it too easy?  Maybe but sometimes making it easy ends up making it easier for mom and if it gets that wet towel off the floor then I’m good!!

Update:  When my daughter got home from school she told me she didn’t want a towel hanging in her room and I told her I didn’t want a towel laying on the floor.  She promised she’d put her towel in the bathroom (which she did) and proceeded to hang her outfit for the next morning on the hook and you know what I’m super good with that!

I’m going to post photos of the house decorated for Christmas tomorrow, so come back!!!

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    1. You could always put a treadmill in her room…they are great for hanging we towels.

      This was a funny Mother/Daughter story…I can totally relate! And…a really good compromise…that is the key ingredient to the Mom/daughter dynamic!!!

    1. Isn’t a treadmill for clothes? lol! Sloan and I are still laughing about you and Alison’s stories you were telling on Friday night! We had a great time!

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