Christmas Mantel

December 5, 2011

I’m breaking down the Christmas decorating in a few posts this week because I’m super busy working on a few pieces of furniture,  lots of paintings and a few other items for clients and everyone needs it before Christmas.  (I’m obviously not the only person who likes a pretty house for the holidays!)  So luckily, I decorated my house prior to my clients called me but it also means all my personal projects are on hold so let’s officially just call it Christmas week!  ( I never thought I’d mutter those words.)

Here is the fireplace of the mantel before I decorated it for fall.  I’d say it usually looks like this most of the time but I’d be lying.  It changes a lot.

Here is the fireplace for Thanksgiving.

Here is the fireplace for Christmas.  I bought new stockings this year and retired our sad old red plaid stockings to the Goodwill.  I decided to keep things light and neutral this year.  Lots of gold & silver, lights and real greenery. I’m not a fan of fake garland.  There are candles hidden in the garland that is hard to see in the photo but they look very pretty at night when lit.

You can see our new tree in the photo too!  It’s fake and it’s my first fake tree and surprisingly I like it.  We’ve always had real trees and I love them but it’s sorta like been there done that (a lot) and now that we’re in a bigger house we have plenty of room to store the tree once Christmas is over. I’m also looking forward to not finding needles in the back of my jeep in June!

I also switched out my mirrors.  The mirror above the fireplace is from my entryway.  It works in the living room at Christmas because all the individual mirrors sparkle with all the white Christmas lights in the room.

It’s simple but I like it and we’re enjoying it because last year we didn’t have a mantel and had to hang our stockings on our bookshelves!

Here are some other fireplace mantels to keep the theme going today! (Oh and the branches you see, I’ll show you more tomorrow!)

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    1. Your house is beautiful, I love the neutral colors for Christmas. I can’t wait until next Christmas when we can decorate our new house, you have given me a lot of ideas to give our new house that Irvington charm.

    1. Thanks Lori! I hope the move went smoothly for you and I hope Lucy likes her new school! I hope you’ll post photos (or maybe start a blog) of what you do to your new home! You have fantastic taste so I’d love to see what you do with your home!!

    1. Your mantel is so pretty! Everything looks so wintery and lovely. My mantel is so boring compared to yours! Maybe I will decorate it a little more… ;o)

      Merry Christmas!

    1. The glow of Christmas lights just makes a room sparkle and yours definitely does that. Very pretty and isn’t it fun to change things up with the seasons? Thanks so much for sharing this on BeColorful’s Motivated Monday.

    1. Thanks for always taking the time to come by and comment Pam!!

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